December 6, 2023


Appeal to the therapeutic energies of URAZ out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life now. That is the second of 18 articles that may proceed you on the street to recreating and redefining your life with the assistance of rune energies. Learn to breath the runic energies into your aura. What energies you carry in your aura attracts comparable energies into your life. Like attracts like. Regulation of Attracion.

The important thing to recreating and redefining your life with this runic vitality is to get this vitality within you. Every particular person rune opens a door to the realms of creation.(Quantum Ocean).

Our second rune is the RUNE-URAZ

“The murmuring Runes of the Universe, the sacred symbols of Salvation of the Cosmos are deeply buried inside ourselves, in our soul as inherited reminiscences. They name, murmur and rush inside us, and we couldn’t get them outdoors of us by imitation, in the event that they weren’t constructed into us since eternity.”

Wake them up!

Might the murmur of the Runes Name us to motion.


Its main perform is to draw waves of therapeutic energies into your life. The principle rune-meaning for URAZ is PRIMAL ENERGY (Life Drive).

Primal vitality has been given many names by completely different cultures.

* Life Drive

* Chi

* Nous

* Ond

* Elan Vitale

* Animal Magnetism

* Prana


“The great factor in regards to the Runes is that they’ve a person life, that the interpretation and that means is inside them and never inside us, not in our arbitray considering (abstracting).”

Rune of Unique Creation

Rune of Well being

Rune of Unique Regulation of Vibration

Rune of Data

Image of Unique Trigger

Select the one key phrase that you just really feel that you just want in your life now. You’ll use it throughout your respiration workouts. Use just one rune and one rune key phrase per ritual or meditation. Extra highly effective. When you begin in your runic respiration workouts you’ll begin to entice the runic vitality out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life.


There may be an unique blueprint of the construction, perform and order for a human being in The Thoughts Of God (Quantum Ocean). Humanity is God’s creation. The blueprint for excellent well being is constructed inside every and everybody of us.

The RUNE-URAZ image is the important thing to the therapeutic vitality (primal vitality) of Unique Data. Unique information of the true blueprint for well being that’s locked up within you.

This Uruz rune vitality from the Quantum Ocean will work its method into your bodily, emotional and psychological our bodies. It is going to begin to appropriate and eradicate all of the blockages and misguided information in your vitality fields. Knowledge that doesn’t match the Divine Plan for Well being that God (Quantum Ocean) has buried deep within you.

Turn into conscious of this new vitality within you. Your physique will communicate to you. You should study the significance of listening and understanding its messages. And take applicable motion.


RUNE-URAZ WILL START THE HEALING PROCESS WITHIN YOU. Begin your therapeutic course of in the present day,

The true objective of man on the planet earth is to evolve to develop into extra god like. By attracting the pure runic energies out of the quantum ocean you may refine your self in order that you’ll develop into extra godlike. Key phrases are refine your actions, ideas and emotions and simplify your life. Turn into extra discriminatory in your decisions. Turn into extra godlike. Neitzsche was proper. We’re gods!